Carved On The of His Hand

Biography & Autobiography, Family & Relationships, 2017

Life for Bonnie Newhouse finally seemed to be on an even keel. Bonnie and Art were six months into their marriage, attending Lansing Community College, both working toward degrees – Bonnie in accounting and Art in marketing. The future seemed secure UNTIL Art announced he was entering the ministry!

This decision thrust Bonnie into a profound identity crisis and set her on a spirit filled lifetime journey that would teach and show her how God creates and orchestrates opportunities in order for His children to become the vessels He desires. For Bonnie, God’s vision matching preparation, spanning 44 years, led her through an identity crisis, infertility, adoption, return to college, in-depth research involving battles in the educational and political arenas, and cancer. As God revealed Himself to her through these challenges, Bonnie’s trust in God and faith in His Word deepened. Her obedience to His leading increased and the greatest lesson of life – we live to honor and glorify Him and Him alone – was made clear. God has carved her on the palm of His hand.

As God has used Bonnie’s carved out created being to fulfill His assignments, so He does for others. God’s lessons are the same for all and are taught with the same purpose. May this work challenge the reader to see God’s design for one’s life and serve to deepen and strengthen one’s relationship with Him.